Annular tube furnace

The annular tube furnace or floors is characterized by offering us a more traditional cooking of food. It has a series of floors that allow you to cook different foods at the same time. This more traditional baking is ideal for the production of great artisan breads.

To achieve the cooking that we have discussed, the annular tube furnace it is characterized by a concentration of heat, avoiding its dispersion and favoring a good cooking of the products. The materials used to manufacture this type of oven are key to their proper functioning. In this sense, we must highlight the stainless steel that covers the entire annular tube furnace. This material allows to keep all the heat inside the oven. In addition, the refractory material of the countertops is what causes an even distribution of heat.


Maintenance and cleaning of annular tube furnaces It is essential to guarantee that they will always work correctly and also to be able to extend the life of both the different elements and the oven itself in general.

Despite its large size, we are talking about a type of oven that offers us many facilities for cleaning, since we can access and disassemble in a simple way the different parts that make up the oven. In this way, we can reach all the modules from the front or from the upper area of the oven, so it is not necessary to move it in case there are other devices or obstacles nearby on either side.

In Farjas ovens we have ring tube or deck kilns of different sizes. In this way, you will be able to find the oven that best suits the needs of your bakery or pastry shop, either for space in the kitchen or for production needs.

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