Cyclothermic oven

The cooking work in a bakery or a pastry shop requires the best tools to prepare the bread or the rest of the products together and obtaining the best quality. The oven is an element that cannot be missing in a bakery, since it is the device with which the different types of bread and food that are prepared and sold in these businesses are cooked. Therefore, having the right oven is essential to facilitate work and achieve the best results.

The cyclothermic oven it is an ideal oven for bakeries and pastry shops. The first thing we are going to point out about is its ability to be able to prepare multiple products at the same time. A cyclothermic oven allows us to bake a large number of loaves of bread at the same time, offering the same qualities to all of them regardless of the oven area in which they are located.


Regarding the operation of the cyclothermic oven we are going to highlight the following aspects. First of all, this type of oven is prepared to work with different types of fuel or energy, since they can be gas, diesel or electric. In any of the three versions, the heat circulation is transversal, being very easy to regulate and control the temperature at all times. Finally, it is important to note that it is an oven that practically does not make noise when it is operating, being a great advantage to facilitate work in the kitchen of a bakery or pastry shop.

Have a cyclothermic oven In your bakery or pastry shop, it will allow you to obtain the best results in cooking food, as well as being able to cook a large quantity of products at the same time, speeding up the daily work of your business.

In Farjas ovens we are specialists in the manufacture of cyclothermic ovens for bakeries and pastry shops. We have extensive experience that also allows us to help our clients in choosing the oven that best suits their needs. Contact us to get your cyclothermic oven.

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