Rotary kiln

Between the industrial bakery ovens and pastry we find the rotary oven. This type of oven is characterized by having a round cooking cabin, which favors good air circulation throughout the interior area of the oven. This oven is mainly intended for baking bread. To do this, it has a series of trays that allow us to make a large number of loaves of bread at the same time, achieving the same cooking point and the same quality for all of them.

To achieve a good end result, the rotary kiln It has an injected steam system and a heat recovery system that allows us to maintain the temperature at all times. This type of oven offers good performance that also allows us to considerably reduce consumption and save energy.

As for the motor that runs the rotary kiln, we find electric and diesel ovens. We also have rotary kilns of different sizes. Therefore, if you need a rotary oven for your bakery or pastry shop, you will be able to find the one that best suits the needs of your business.

Since it is an oven with a large workload that is constantly operating, when we refer to a type of oven such as the rotary oven, we must not forget about maintenance and cleaning. Having the oven always in perfect condition will help us obtain the best cooking results. In this sense, the rotary kiln offers us a great facility for cleaning. Accessing the different parts of the oven will help us to clean it quickly and easily.

In Farjas we have rotary ovens for bakeries and pastry shops. Our experience has led us to continue improving all our ovens without losing the traditional touch that characterizes us. Contact us to get a rotary oven for your bakery or pastry shop.

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