Static oven

The ovens for bakeries and pastry shops They are characterized by having a large amount of work, cooking many units of each product at the same time and with the need to achieve the best result with each product. To do this, they need to have ovens that are trained to offer all these services, since they are the engine of the business. Among them we find the static oven.

The static oven It has several trays located at different heights. These trays can be moved or even removed depending on the needs of the products that we are going to cook. This allows us, for example, to increase the height available for cooking a certain food. To achieve a good cooking, it has refractory plates and large amounts of steam.

The materials of the static oven they also contribute to the proper functioning and results that this oven offers us. It is made of stainless steel that allows its thermal insulation.

One of the main advantages of static ovens is the possibility of doing custom ovens. In this way you can have your static oven regardless of the measurements of the kitchen of your bakery or pastry shop, since we adapt and manufacture an oven of the required size.

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