Indirect fire ovens

The indirect fire ovens they are characterized by continuous cooking. They are ovens intended for bakery and pastry, as well as other types of businesses such as hospitality. When we refer to indirect fire ovens, we are talking about large capacity ovens that are prepared to withstand a large amount of work and prepare many products at the same time offering quality results.

They are very powerful furnaces that are made mainly of metal and masonry. The oven walls and the shapes they adapt are ideal for keep the temperature inside the oven and promote a homogeneous distribution throughout the oven, thus ensuring that all products are cooked equally.

Different types of fuel can be used to operate the furnaces. Although the most recommended is clean and dry firewood, you can also use others such as diesel, natural gas or propane. We find three types of ovens.

Metallic Furnace.

The metallic furnace It is made up of a stainless steel facade and enamel painted plates. Also, the facade can be decorated with bricks.

Rustic oven.

The rustic oven It is perfect for taking care of the air and the kitchen environment, since it is responsible for preventing the excess steam during cooking from coming out of the oven, keeping it inside and achieving clean air in the kitchen. It has a double façade of exposed brick and a rustic arch.

Shotgun furnace.

The shotgun furnace It is an indirect fire oven that is characterized by being formed by a cover that can be made of stone or clay, with the door made of cast iron. To offer the best results during cooking, this oven is made of refractory materials.


Platform diameter2.25 m2.50 m3.00 m3.50 m
Useful cooking surface3.98 m²4.90 m²7.06 m²9.62 m²
External diameter3.25 m3.50 m4.00 m4.50 m
Outside height2.40 m2.40 m2.40 m2.40 m
Local minimum height2.80 m2.80 m2.80 m2.80 m
Minimum floor resistance1800 kg / m²1800 kg / m²1800 kg / m²1800 kg / m²
Sea containertwenty'twenty'twenty'40 ′
Truck loadingTrailerTrailerTrailerTrailer
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