Ovens direct flame

Also known as cyclic baking ovens, because the process allows the oven to heat and rest at intervals. The combustion occurs in a furnace or open fire to the cooking chamber, which therefore directly receives both the combustion gases and the fire. This explains its great thermal inertia, due to the fact that the material of which the oven is made heats up and stores the calories directly.

Refractory hearth for cooking!


Rotating hearth

Rotating hearth facilitates loading and unloading of the product because is close to the door. Also makes a more even cooking and adds more effective cooking area, and the oven fits in a smaller space. And last but not least, it makes the oven easier to be used by just one person. Sizes are made from 2,25 m wide onwards.

Fixed hearth

Fixed hearth recommended only for small ovens (1,75 m).

  • Horno solera giratoria
    Rotating hearth
  • Horno solera fija
    Fixed hearth


  • Masonry built, except for the fittings and accessories (doors, handles, etc.).
  • Vault of great height made with special bricks and genuine design.
  • Steamer oriented to the furnace.
  • Tight vent or exhaust.
  • Perfectly insulated.
  • High thermal stability.
  • “In situ” installation must be carried out by qualified master oven builders, helped by construction personnel.
  • Some models are built with up to 10.000 bricks, with a total weight of more than a 100 tons (100.000 kg).


Because they are custom-built ovens depending on the space available for them, it is necessary to know the final measures in advance. Approximately we can assure that the width is always 1 longer than the hearth’s diameter, the bottom between 1 and 1,5 meters longer than the hearth’s diameter, and the total height between 2,6 and 3 meters tall. It is important to make sure that the floor holds up a minimum weight of 3000 kg/m².


The fuel to be used is exclusively firewood or dry wood (beech, oak, olive, etc.). Do not use any other fuel as it may damage the oven.



This oven is especially indicated for baking traditional breads specially if they are large-sized ones, such as: large round loaves, payés bread, salty cakes, etc. Also filled pastries, pizzas, etc.).

Pastry making

Cakes, muffins, biscuits, puff pastry, etc.

Hospitality, Restaurants

They’re perfect for all kinds of roasts, pots, stews or even paellas, pizzas, etc. The are very popular in rotisseries, taverns, etc.


  • Due to its large thermal power they are ideal for a slow and rested cooking of large-sized breads (1½ kg or 2 kg). So they’re perfectly cooked in the inside without the outside scorch.
  • Because in countries like France you can only use the official title “bread baked in a wood-burning oven” if is baked in one of these ovens.
  • What better oven to bake rustic and traditional bread than a rustic and traditional oven.
  • Because why not choose a proper wood-fired oven to bake the best organic bread over a fuel-fired one?
  • Because it’s always an added value for your business as an attractive feature for your customers to see an authentic oven like in the old days.