Ovens indirect flame

Also known as even cooking ovens, because it provides simultaneous cooking and even heating continuously throughout the entire product area. The fire and gas chambers are completely independent and isolated from the airtight cooking chamber.

Refractory hearth for cooking!



Stainless steel facade and enamel painted plates for the oven walls. This facade and contour can also be decorated with masonry if you tell us in advance before building the oven.

Rustic (masonry)

Double-leaf masonry or facade and brick rustic arch, built with the genuine and original “Farjas” system, that collects the extra cooking steam and hides its exhaust, avoiding any condensation in the premises.
In the 1,75 m., 2,00 m., 2,25 m. and 2,50 m. ovens, the facade is made of a single-layer masonry wall and instead of the door arch there is an exterior metal hood.
In any case, all models have enamel painted plates for the oven walls.

  • Horno metálico
  • Horno rústico
    Rustic (masonry)


  • Mixed materials: 25% metal components and 75% masonry.
  • The cooking floor or hearth made of natural (stone) refractory monolith, over a calibrated beam structure.
  • Metallic cooking and gas chambers.
  • Genuine “Farjas” fire chamber: Robustly built with tongue-jointed brick casing on the 4 sides, and supported by a reinforced concrete girder.
  • The gas and fire chambers include walls and channels for an optimized heat distribution and the best energy efficiency.
  • A chain gear takes care of the transmission system, which is more precise and soft than the traditional worm gear of the Cardan system.
  • Great insulation capacity, with a 400 mm thick wall of diatomaceous earth that has a dual function of isolation and accumulation of calories. Using less energy and saving a lot of money.


The effective cooking areas are made from 1,75 to 4,50 meters in diameter of hearth every 0,25 meters.

Platform diameter 2,25 m 2,50 m 3,00 m 3,50 m
Effective cooking area 3,98 m² 4,90 m² 7,06 m² 9,62 m²
Outer diameter 3,25 m 3,50 m 4,00 m 4,50 m
Outer height 2,40 m 2,40 m 2,40 m 2,40 m
Minimum height of location 2,80 m 2,80 m 2,80 m 2,80 m
Minimum floor strength 1800 kg/m² 1800 kg/m² 1800 kg/m² 1800 kg/m²
Shipping container 20′ 20′ 20′ 40′
Loaded in truck Trailer Trailer Trailer Trailer

Other non included measures: please consult.


Preferably clean and dry firewood (beech, oak, olive, etc.). If requested we can adapt in the oven a proper liquid fuel burner such as diesel or gas (natural gas, propane, etc.).



Ideal for baking all kinds of bread recipes (baguettes, large round loaves, whole grain, organic, sliced bread, salty cakes, filled pastries, pizzas, etc.).

Pastry making

Cakes, muffins, biscuits, puff pastry, etc.

Hospitality, Restaurants

All kinds of oven baked dishes, meat and fish roasts, rice, desserts, pot stews, filled pastries, pizzas, etc.


  • Because the cooking performance is outstanding, the refractory hearth and its chamber of great height allows a smooth and uniform heat distribution.
  • For its versatility. We will excellently cook cakes, pizzas, roasts, etc.
  • Because its always ready to cook and there is no need of filling out the oven completely. We can also alter all sorts of bread as long as they have the same temperature range of cooking.
  • Because they have low fuel consumption due to its high thermal inertia and their perfect insulation.
  • Because they are reliable and robustly built.
  • Because their maintenance cost is practically zero.
  • Because they are easy to use.
  • Because it’s always an added value for your business as an attractive feature for your customers, an authentic oven like in the old days.