Hornos Farjas wants to be part of your team and help you whether you want to buy an oven, or upgrade it, rebuild it, repair it or hire us for maintenance work for the one you already have. We have the experience, the team and the equipment and materials for it.

If you need to shape an idea or profesional advise from an expert to help you with your project, you can count on us. We also have an store with bakery equipment and we can provide you the machinery and furniture that you may need.

Also if you are into building your own oven o have questions about the craftsmanship, we are confident that you will find here what you need or maybe we can give you some useful tips.

For ovens

  • Maintenance and restoration of Direct and Indirect flame ovens:
    • Furnaces.
    • Floors.
    • Domes.
    • Vaporizers.
    • Covings and fittings:
      • Grills.
      • Doors.
  • Conversion of Rotating to Fixed hearth ovens.
  • Construction of rotating platforms.

For new bakery businesses

  • Personal advising in setting up new bakeries:
    • Ovens and equipment recommended for all types of bakeries.
    • Free quotations.
  • Technical projects by Architectural Technician or engineer:
    • Building Plans.
    • Final project.

For Bread Shops

  • Design.
  • Decoration.
  • Furniture.
  • Free quotations.

Store for Bakery and Pastry shop tools and materials

  • Shovels, handles, cloths and fabrics, trays, baskets, etc.
  • Tools and accessories (cupboards, tables, etc.).
  • Bread-making equipment (kneading machine, beaters, rounders, etc.).

Materials and equipment for individuals and home bakery lovers

  • Home ovens (economic range):
    • Domes.
    • Doors.
    • Vents or draws.
    • Thermometers.
    • Insulating materials.
    • Fire-bricks.
  • Tools, accessories and small equipment:
    • Shovels, trays, cloths and fabrics, Bannetons, gloves.
  • Clay cookware for ovens:
    • Special roasters for lamb, pig, chicken.
    • Cake molds and paella pans.
    • Saucepans and casseroles.