We build artisan ovens
since 1925.

We design, manufacture and install ovens worldwide.
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Rustic ovens specially made for bakery, pastry shops and restaurants

To build artisan ovens is our passion. We’ll happily advise you which one is the right for you, so you can bake a traditional bread, or a delightful pastry, cook a spectacular roast or a perfect pizza. Everything that you can imagine.

With 90 years of experience and more than 3.800 ovens installed all over the world: Spain, France, Greece, Poland, Switzerland, Japan, Taiwan, USA, Canada, Malaysia, Kuwait, South Africa, Equatorial Guinea, Australia, New Caledonia, and many more.

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Why you should go for one of our ovens?

  • Because the perfect baking is guaranteed and they are the best for cooking any product.
  • Because they have low fuel consumption so they are energy efficient. They are perfectly insulated so they maximize the accumulated heat.
  • Because they are robust. Built with the best materials.
  • Because they are low maintenance.

We have the right oven for you. They are ideal for everything you’ll ever need. They are the best ovens in terms of natural and top quality cooking. They are remarkable for their construction, materials and traditional ways, so longed and demanded.

All of our ovens have a cooking floor or hearth made of natural (stone) refractory monolith. So the will help you to achieve excellence.

Uses for our ovens


Ideal for baking all kinds of bread recipes (baguettes, large round loaves, whole grain, organic, sliced bread, salty cakes, filled pastries, pizzas, etc.).

Pastry making

Cakes, muffins, biscuits, puff pastry, etc.

Hospitality, Restaurants

All kinds of oven baked dishes, meat and fish roasts, rice, desserts, pot stews, filled pastries, pizzas, etc.


If you have any query, you can use the form to contact us. We’ll be delighted to hear your proposal, study it and get back to you with the best solution. We help you shape your project, we do free estimates and we travel wherever you want to set up your new business.

What our customers say?

We decided to start our bakery business 2 years ago. We wanted to make traditional and high quality bread, so we went for the Farjas indirect flame oven. The customer service was great besides the fact that the oven is a masterpiece and bakes an excellent bread. The oven was delivered and installed right on time and they also helped us find bakery workshops for us. To be honest the whole process was incredible!- Panadería Blanco, Murillo de Río Leza (Spain)