About us

Farjas is a family-owned company that started around 1925. Time in which its founder, D. José Farjas Blesa, technical builder and grandfather of the current owners, started to make direct flame ovens.

During 1950’s, the sons of D. José Farjas Blesa joined the company and began to build the first indirect flame ovens with rotating hearth, that turned out to be a real revolution in the business. The turning point was that they provided simultaneous cooking and even heating, so soon started to replace the direct flame ovens.

Today we are a young company that relies on the experience of our long history and takes advantage of new technologies to build authentic traditional ovens, and improving them everyday without losing their true essence.

We have rediscovered the best craftsmanship tradition in oven making for countries like Spain, also in France – you can only use the official title “bread baked in a wood-burning oven” if is baked in one of these ovens – USA, Japan, Australia, and all over the world. So we try to help bakers to make the best bread possible.