The best tips for the correct maintenance of your wood oven

Why do we choose wood fired ovens? What is it that makes this type of material so special? Wood-fired ovens serve both for the use domestic, as for professionals. It is the best option because it can achieve tall temperatures and still is capable of distribute heat evenly so that food does not lose its essence and diners can enjoy cooking to the fullest.

In professional kitchens wood fired ovens it's almost indispensable, because in the end they allow us to cook large quantity of products in the shortest possible time and without losing the quality of the flavor. But, when we work with wood-burning ovens, we should not pay attention only to their functionality, but also to their maintenance, since this type of oven requires a series of care for its best performance and durability over time. Do you know what the necessary care for the correct maintenance of your wood ovens? From Farjas ovens we will tell you. 

Daily cleaning:

Cleanliness is one of the most important points for the maintenance of our ovens. They have to eliminate daily, after the end of the working day, the impurities and ashes that have accumulated between its walls due to its use. For it you can use a cloth or a cloth. Also try to be rather dry, because water can damage the material.

If it is too complicated remove the ashes only with the cloth you can use a metal scraper, but beware! When you remove the ashes be sure to pour them into a glass or metal container or container, to prevent them from burning.

In addition to general cleaning, it is also important to attend to the parts care and elements of the wood oven. Most wood-fired ovens offer us the possibility of disassemble its parts without many headaches, therefore it is easy to reach the most difficult and make sure that does not accumulate too much fat no waste.

In short, cleaning the oven is not complicated, but it requires time and dedication. You should also make sure, at the time you clean, that all parts are working properly and there are no faults in the system. If so, you must contact quickly with the manufacturer to fix the malfunction present your wood oven.

Correct use and control of the oven:

Following the line of functionality, for a wood oven to work properly we also have to know how to make it possible. In the end they are not complicated tools, but it is important to follow a series of guidelines or instructions to ensure optimal functionality.

The most important thing is always the first contact after installation of our ovens. We cannot heat the oven to maximum temperature first, on the contrary, the warming must be progressive during the first days, until reaching the maximum temperatures that will be around 250 or 300 degrees in most wood-fired ovens. This means that it should take 5 to 6 days for our oven to operate at full capacity without causing any damage.

Other important aspects to assess for the correct operation of the wood oven:

Behind the correct installation and knowing the importance of daily cleaning of the material, it would only be necessary to take into account a series of details that will help us to improve the operation of our furnaces and consequently to favor their correct maintenance.

  • The wood must be placed on the opposite side to the thermometer.
  • The flue must be open during cooking to facilitate the escape of smoke and prevent it from contaminating the food, at least until only the flames remain and we can close it to maintain the temperature without poisoning the interior.
  • If our oven does not have good combustion, it is better to leave the door open, this must be assessed during cooking.

Do you want to know more about the maintenance of your wood ovens? You can visit our website or get in touch with us. From Farjas ovens we are specialists in ovens for bakeries, pastry shops and hotels, in addition, we have a furnace repair and maintenance service, because we know that having the oven always in perfect condition is key to the success of any business.  

The best tips for the correct maintenance of your wood oven
Article Name
The best tips for the correct maintenance of your wood oven
Today from Hornos Farjas we talk about the best tips to keep your wood oven in perfect condition.
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Farjas ovens
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The best tips for the correct maintenance of your wood oven Why do we choose wood burning ovens? What is it that makes this type of material so special? Wood-fired ovens are suitable for both domestic and professional use. It is the best option because it can reach high temperatures and is still able to distribute the heat evenly so that the food ...

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